Your childs financial futurenstarts now

Help them get ahead with the only card that allows kids and teens under 18 to build positive credit history1 while developing smart spending habits

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Help them build credit early

Step is the only card that allows your child to build a positive credit history before they turn 18 Good credit can save them serious money when they take out a student loan finance a car or rent an apartment

Supercharge their savings

They can set goals round up purchases to save spare change and get money back when they use their Step Visa Card at select merchants The more ways to save the better

Reward them for smart spending

Your child can earn cashback and crypto4 rewards5 when they use their Step Visa Card for some of their everyday spending It pays to be financially responsible

Send money and automate allowance

Skip the trips to the ATM and instantly send money to your child for emergencies field trips or just because Automate allowances and decide how often youd like their payout to hit

Learn About Money As a family

Add up to 4 family members to your Step Account including your partner or another adult Easily track all of your kids spending and saving activity from your app

Invest in their future

Introduce your child to the power of investing in stocks and crypto for as little as 1 Starting with bitcoin they can earn buy and sell in a controlled environment

We know what youre wondering

What does Step cost

A Step Visa Card and deposit account doesnt cost anything There are no hidden fees no monthly fees no innetwork ATM fees and no overdraft fees

What about overdrafting

Your childs Step Account prevents them from spending more than what they have in their spending account so they arent at risk of paying pesky overdraft fees

Does Step check my credit

No We ask for your SSN when you first open an account because federal regulations require us to verify your identity but we dont do any inquires against your credit

Is Step secure

Yes Step has the same security features as any other major financial institution All transactions are protected by Visas Zero Liability Protection

84 of people
1819 years old have
no credit history6

With Step your child wont be one of them


It helped drastically

I didnt have a score before it but when I chose to opt in to credit reporting it helped drastically It brought me from no established score to 735 in one night My grandmother got it for me so she could pay for helping do chores and if me and my siblings decided to go anywhereJohn C 18 years old


How Credit works with Step

1 Your child can use their Step Visa Card to make purchases up to the amount that is in their spending account They cant overdraft2 With Smart Pay their purchases are automatically paid off every month using the funds in their deposit account3 When they turn 18 they can opt in for Step to report their positive credit history to the major credit bureaus


Will Smith nCoFounder at Dreamers VC

Investor SpotlightIt was hard to find a banking platform that was intuitive and met our needs as a family Weve reinvested in Step because not only are their products built specifically for teens but theyve started an important conversation around financial literacy that kids are actually engaged in

Got Questions

  • Step is a financial technology company not a bank Banking services provided by Evolve Bank Trust Member FDIC The Step Visa Card is issued by Evolve Bank Trust pursuant to a license from Visa USA Inc Visa is a registered trademark of Visa International Service Association
  1. Positive history is reported on and related only to your Step Visa card activity subject to your account remaining in good standing Ontime payment history can have a positive impact on your credit score and late payment history may negatively impact your credit score The Step Visa Card when set up with SmartPay is designed to keep accounts in good standing to help build positive credit history Step will report your activity to Transunion Experian andor Equifax Even when we report positive credit history relating to your Step Visa card activity your credit history and score may be impacted by your activity outside of your Step Visa card including any other products offered through Step and any activity external to Step as credit histories and credit scores are built by credit bureaus based on a number of factors including the financial decisions you make with products outside of the Step Visa Card
  2. Visas Zero Liability policy does not apply to certain commercial card and anonymous prepaid card transactions or transactions not processed by Visa Cardholders must use care in protecting their card and notify their issuing financial institution immediately of any unauthorized use Contact your issuer for more detail
  3. Banking services provided by Evolve Bank Trust Member FDIC Step is a financial technology company not a bank
  4. httpswwwcnbccom20150505creditinvisible26millionhavenocreditscorehtml

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