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Step's New Warm Up Map

Play Bugha's new Step Warm Up Map (2377-4228-7529) on Fortnite for a chance to play on stream with Bugha! You can choose between one of three courses: Piece Control, Edit Course, & Aim Trainer.

Once you've played, enter your high score with the link below or on Twitter with the #StepUpBugha, tagging @bugha and @step and your username, for a chance to win big!

Keep uploading your high score to show improvement on the course for a chance at Step Credit as well 🤑

Bugha Fortnite Step Map

Step x Bugha

With Step, you have the independence to buy the newest skins, a battle pass, or subscribe to your favorite streamers - no questions asked.

We’ve partnered with Bugha to bring you the Fortnite #StepUpMap, where you can train and learn alongside the Fortnite World Champion.

Sign up with Bugha

  1. Get the app

    Download the Step App and create your account. In the app menu, type referral code BUGHA.

  2. Unlock your card

    If you’re under 18, ask an adult to download the app and create their own account.

  3. Get Rewards

    Once you sign up, you will receive your $5 referral bonus.