Step Black Rules and Disclaimers

1. 8x points on purchases up to a max of $6000 annually with select Step Black Partners. After hitting the max, you will continue to earn standard points multipliers (3x on dining/food delivery and charitable donations, 2x on entertainment, 1x on everything else).

2. Your Step deposit account is not an interest bearing product. The savings percentage is not interest, but instead earned as cash rewards directly funded and managed by Step. The rewards, if calculated as an APY, would be 5.00%. This percentage is variable and may change over time. See our Step Premium Rewards terms for more detail. 

3. Ability to earn $100+ in the form of credits on purchases or statement credits for purchases with select Step Black partners, as will be advertised. Enrollment may be required.

4. Membership will be offered first to waitlist entries based on tier status on the waitlist. First tier recipients are Step Account user enrolled in direct deposit (from an employer or payroll provider). Second tier recipients are Step Account users that have made at least one transaction on their account. Third tier recipients are Step Account users that have funded the account at least once since account opening. Fourth tier recipients are users that have an active sponsored or individual Step Account. Fifth tier recipients are user that have signed up for a Step Account but have not yet been sponsored or verified their account. The last tier recipients are non-Step users. In order to order your Step Black card once you are selected from the waitlist, you must have a valid, active Step Account. Membership is available to Step users who are thirteen (13) years and older. If under 18, your account must be sponsored. The available number of selections from the waitlist is subject to change.