3 easy ways to get into the habit of saving money


As Financial Literacy Month comes to a close, we thought this would be a perfect time to check in on how you’re tracking towards your financial resolutions for 2022, particularly when it comes to saving money. 💸

In fact, 53% of Step teens said their top financial priority was to make saving money a habit this year. So, whether you’re well on your way to becoming a saver or just getting started, we’re going to share a few ways to help you make saving money super simple.

Let’s dive in!👇

How you can start saving today

We know that saving money can feel like a real slog sometimes, especially when you’re already really busy with schoolwork and constantly being tempted to buy things online. The important thing is to just get started.

Saving money is actually a lot like working out (hear us out). Much like getting back to the gym after a hiatus, taking that first step into something as daunting as saving is always the hardest part. After that, it becomes much easier and feels more manageable. 💪

Here are a few pro tips:

✅ Tip #1: Just get started.

Instead of stressing about how in the world you’re going to be able to save $50 or $100, simply create a Savings Goal in the Step App and add a few bucks to it. If you rinse and repeat this every couple of weeks when you have a little extra cash, you’ll be truly amazed by how quickly that money grows. It all pays off as you start to see those Savings Goals fill up! 🤑

✅ Tip #2: Introduce “freeze” days.

Here’s a challenge: See if you can go an entire day without spending money. You can even turn it into a friendly competition with your squad (🤔 who can make the best meal using only what’s in their pantry). Before long, you’ll be stashing away an extra $10 or $20 bucks every week. Say hi 👋 to that new pair of Air Jordans you’ve been wanting! 👟

✅ Tip #3: Practice “set it and forget it” techniques.

For instance, Step’s new Round Ups feature makes it easy to seamlessly save money while you spend. Here’s how it works: Each time you swipe your Step Card, we’ll round up the cost of your purchase to the nearest dollar and drop that change into your selected Savings Goal. For example, if you buy a coffee ☕ for $4.95, your Spending Account will be charged $5.00 and we'll add the extra $0.05 to your Savings Goal. Think of it like a modern-day piggy bank. 🐷 At the end of the day, a little savings can go a long way in helping you build long-term wealth to support all of your future wants and needs.

How to opt in to Step’s new Round Ups feature

  • Log into your Step Account and select the Saving tab

  • Select the Savings Goal you’d like to turn on Round Ups for

  • Toggle the Round Ups button On

The best thing you can do for your future self is to automate your savings now and watch that money grow. If you want an extra #StepUp on your savings, check out these articles 👀:

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