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To improve the financial future of the next generation

Step's Mission
3+ Million

We’re thrilled to share that the #StepFam is now more than three million customers strong! 💪

Why financial literacy is important

It isn’t easy learning how to be good at money. Schools don’t teach you and families don’t always talk about finances. Traditional banks make it even harder to get ahead by charging fees for standard services like checking accounts, ATMs and even spending cards.

The average person in the US pays $350 per year in banking fees
69% of Americans do not have $1000 in savings
The average college student graduates with $5,000 in credit card debt and $35,000 in student loans

The team

Step was founded by financial industry veterans CJ MacDonald and Alexey Kalinichenko to provide teens and their families with financial tools for today’s modern-day banking needs and to promote financial literacy for the future. The founding team has 50+ years in combined financial technology experience across companies like Gyft, First Data, Square and Google.

About the team


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Help us build the next generation of banking

Step is building the best banking experience to help people achieve financial independence and knowledge at an earlier age. We’re always looking for good people to join the Step Team.

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