5 DIY & budget-friendly Valentine’s Day gifts for teens

5 DIY & budget-friendly Valentine’s Day gifts for teens

Love is in the air! With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, retailers are gearing up for the hallmark holiday by stocking their shelves with cute cards, heart-shaped candies and roses galore. And as it turns out, they aren’t the only ones preparing for Cupid’s arrival.

Last week, we chatted with over 500 teens to hear more about their Valentine’s Day plans and learned that 67% will celebrate the day of love. Additionally, nearly half of teens said they plan to spend the holiday with family and usually organize the festivities.

When it comes to gifts, 76% of teens are hoping to pick up something special for under $50. To help teens maximize their budgets, we’ve come up with five creative gift ideas that everyone will love!

For the adventure seeker

Create a scavenger hunt that will lead your loved ones to hidden clues all over your home or neighborhood. All you need is a pen and paper. Write down a few riddles or creative clues that only your valentines will know the answers to. For added fun, consider filling the “treasure chest” with chocolate coins (since we know 68% of teens prefer chocolate over flowers).

For the movie buff

Coming to a couch near you. Recreate the movie theater experience at home. Select a new movie or household favorite to enjoy and fill a basket with all of your valentines’ favorite movie munchies - from buttery popcorn to Sour Patch Kids, Milk Duds and more.

For the aspiring chef

Surprise your loved ones with their own episode of Top Chef or The Great British Bake Off. Choose a new recipe you think will be fun to make, purchase all the ingredients and select your judges. Then, face off with your significant other or –– for larger groups –– split up into teams. The end result is sure to bring lots of laughter and a delicious meal!

For the wellness guru

Bring the spa day experience home and treat your valentines to an evening full of luxury. From face masks to bath bombs, sugar scrubs and at-home mani/pedis, you should be able to find all the essentials at your local Walgreens or Lush.

For the free spirit

Reinvent your Friday nights. Find an old mason jar or another container you have lying around the house and fill it with mystery date night activities written on sticky notes or popsicle sticks. Then, each week, select a new activity from the jar. For added flair, decorate the container with magic markers or puffy paint.

As 72% of teens said they use Valentine’s Day as a fun excuse to celebrate loved ones, we hope this article can help you create some new traditions. Don’t forget to use your Step Card to help you stay on budget and split gift costs with friends and family.

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