For all those #WheresMyWallet moments: Introducing the new Virtual Step Card

For all those #WheresMyWallet moments: Introducing the new Virtual Step Card

Ever been lying on the couch doing a little online shopping only to realize your wallet is all the way in your room? Or, maybe you’re out grabbing lunch with a friend and realize you left your Step Visa Card at home. 🙈

The reality is, most of us can recall one of those annoying, inconvenient moments. However, with the new Virtual Step Card, you can kiss those #WheresMyWallet moments goodbye!

I’m listening...tell me how it works 👀

Just like with your Physical Step Card, your virtual card is linked to the funds in your Step Account but it has its own unique card number and details, making it a safe and easy way to make purchases online and in-store with your mobile wallet. And, in the event that you need to replace your Virtual Step Card, it only takes a few taps.

Why you’ll love the Virtual Step Card 💗

Here are a few reasons why we love this feature and know you will too:

It’s instant.

You can start using it immediately while you wait for your Physical Step Card to arrive. Say buh-bye to waiting by the mailbox. Now you can use Step anytime, anywhere.

It’s convenient.

Quickly add it to your Apple Pay or Google Pay wallet so you always have it ready to use on-the-go. No more searching for a physical card or wallet.

It’s safe.

Keep your physical card safe and instead, if your virtual card gets compromised, you can easily replace it with just a few taps.

At Step, we’re always looking for more ways to help simplify your life and the Virtual Step Card does just that –– making it easier than ever before to make those quick online or in-store purchases –– no wallet necessary!

To learn more, check out the latest article in our Help Center.

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