Outfits that slay: The ultimate guide to thrifting show-stopping, back-to-school looks

Outfits that Slay

ICYMI, yesterday was National Thrift Shop Day. So, this week, we’re going to show you how to take that $20 in your pocket (IYKYK 🎶) and turn it into outfit #goals so you can walk into your first day of school looking like a 10/10!

Here to help us out is Step superuser and thrifting queen, Rebecca Ko! Today, she’s dishing on how to thrift with the best of them. 👇

Thrifty tips with Rebecca Ko 🛍

What nationwide stores would you recommend to thrifting newbies?

My go-to thrift store chains are 2nd Ave and Goodwill. Keep in mind that each store will have completely different merch so don’t be afraid to check out a few different locations and ask which days they restock – that’s when I usually have the best luck finding something cool!

What’s the best way to discover new local shops?

Social media is hands down, the best way to find out about new places – especially super obscure ones that no one’s really talking about! I’ve been introduced to SO many local shops through Instagram and TikTok.

Any big do’s or don’ts that you’d like to share with some of us first-timers?

My biggest piece of advice is to take your time and really enjoy the hunt, digging through all of the different racks and bins. People who just take a quick glance at everything are unlikely to find those extra special items, because anything in plain sight that’s super eye-catching, will already be gone. It’s under that giant pile of clothes in a random bin where you’re most likely to find those one-of-a-kind, vintage items (👀 Gucci bag)!

Where do you typically get inspiration for new looks?

A lot of my inspiration comes from Pinterest. Everything is on there––any aesthetic you can think of––Pinterest has a board for it! I also follow a lot of fellow thrifers and fashion enthusiasts like: @alvssa_, @emmachamberlain, @from.1994_, @jennylinnnn, @mscrisssy, @nazjaa, @stefneyv and many others.

What style trends are you watching this school year?

With fall weather right around the corner, I’m sure there will be lots of layering going on and neutral tones. I also think we’ll see a lot of crewnecks, flannels, leather and bomber jackets, plus tons of oversized hoodies. I’m personally hoping that platform boots will make a statement this fall!

Anything else that you think is important for our readers to know?

I think the most important thing to remember is to dress how YOU want! I know our generation is heavily influenced and pressured by social media to look a certain way, but whatever clothing makes you feel comfortable and confident is what you should always go for. No one’s opinion on what you wear should matter. Expressing yourself through fashion is a form of self love and you should make it how you want it to be.

Balling on a budget

Ready to get your #thrift on? Awesome! Here’s a few other pro tips to help keep your $20 budget top-of-mind as you shop 💸:

1. Come with some outfit inspo.

Before you shop, spend some time finding looks that you like so when you enter the store, you have a specific goal in mind (and avoid overspending).

2. Think about versatility.

We love a good capsule wardrobe! Look for staples or statement pieces that can be mixed and matched with a variety of looks.

3. Don’t forget to upcycle.

If you’re looking for new threads, chances are you’ve also got some older items to purge. See if you can resell them and put that cash towards your new looks.

Happy thrifting and don’t forget to tag @stepmobile in your fit checks for back-to-school! 😎

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