Save money, look cool & get your teens what they really want for back-to-school

Save money, look cool & get your teens what they really want for back-to-school

I don’t know about you, but I feel like the summer months really flew by this year! As your kids start to trade in their swimsuits, beach hangs and late nights for backpacks and notebooks, you’ll likely need to stock up on a few new things – and we’re here to help make sure you get the best deals on all of your back-to-school buys! 💪

And, while some of you might have gotten a jumpstart on your shopping during Prime Day, the majority of parents say they’re waiting on school lists or final decisions about in-person learning before opening their wallets. But, one thing’s for sure, kids are pumped about the new school year!

We even spoke with a few Step teens about their must-haves for back-to-school and what they’re looking forward to most this year. Here’s what they said:

I think my #1 thing, which should really be on everyone’s list, is making sure you’re on a budget because it’s SO easy to overspend once you get busy with school. I also love a good planner to help keep me organized with due dates."
Sana, 9th grader
I'm interested to see how the physical high school experience is since my first year (9th grade) was mostly online. But, my Step Card is definitely a must-have for the vending machines and school supply lists. I’d also like a small laptop or iPad since I prefer digital notes.”
Adrian, 10th grader
I’m looking forward to seeing my friends again and actually interacting with people. Headphones are at the top of my school list because music is incredibly important to me and I couldn't imagine going without them for the bus or studying.”
Cruz, 10th grader
I’m just happy to go back to school and see my friends after so long and take some interesting classes, too. I really want a crisp pair of shoes – like Vans – and some nice outfits.”
Faraaz, 12th grader

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