Step makes it quick and easy to send and receive money with all your people. There are a lot of things worth waiting for in life, but your cash isn’t one of them.

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Tap, Snap, Deposit

Birthday check? Tax refund? Skip the trip to the ATM and use your Step app. Simply upload photos of your check and enter the amount. We’ll add the funds right to your Step Account.


Pay and Get Paid

Need to settle up for lunch? Roommate owe you for rent? Use the Step app to send and receive money with friends and family. You can even a note to each payment to keep track of expenses.


Find a Fee-Free ATM

We partner with Visa’s Alliance Plus to offer over 30,000 in-network ATMs at nationwide stores and retailers. Use the Step app’s ATM map to locate the one nearest to you so you can conveniently access your cash.


Get Paid Early

Set up direct deposit to get paid up to two days early.¹ And as an added bonus -- if you use direct deposit to add $500 or more to your account within 30 days, you’ll earn 5.00%² on your savings and up to 3x points on select purchases.³

How to set up direct deposit

Step 1

Open the Step App, tap “Add Money,” and select “Set up Direct Deposit.”

Step 2

Enter your account information or send the pre-filled form to your employer.

Step 3

Boom! Look out for your paycheck in your Step App.