Banking for teens and families

Step is a fee-free bank account and Visa Card designed for teens. It takes minutes to create your adult account and unlock the Step Card for your teen.

  • no feesNo fees
  • teach financial literacyTeach financial literacy
  • track spendingTrack spending
  • build creditBuild a positive credit history
  • set allowanceSet an allowance
Banking for Teens
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Why Step is right for your teen

Step offers an FDIC insured account through Evolve Bank & Trust, Member FDIC, with a new type of Visa Card. Instantly add money to their Step Account. No risk of them overdrafting because they can only spend the money in their account. The Step Visa Card is protected by Visa’s Fraud Protection and Zero liability guarantee.

Getting started

  1. Download

    Download the Step App and create your own adult account.

  2. Sign up

    Enter your information to create your account.

  3. Sponsor

    Approve your teen's Step Account in the app.

Say goodbye to cash

Step gives you visibility into their spending and helps teach good spending habits. Never have to run to an ATM to get cash for your teen.

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Instantly send and receive money

Add money to your teen’s account for chores, allowances or emergencies within seconds. Securely link your existing bank account or debit card to make sure they always have funds.

Instantly send and receive money

Build positive credit

Help kickstart their financial future by building credit early. The Step Visa Card lets you securely spend with the benefit of building positive credit.

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Help teach smart spending habits

Set up an allowance with recurring payments just like a paycheck. Teach your teen how to use these payments to balance a budget and save money.

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