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way to save

Say goodbye to below-average savings accounts and hello to Step Black, where everyone can earn 5.00%¹ on their savings by setting up a monthly qualifying direct deposit².

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How does Step Compare?

Savings earn more at Step. If you and your family are currently earning anything less than 5.00% on your savings balances, switch to Step Black. There are no account minimums, so everyone in the family can have a Step Account.


Maximize their Returns

Your child can earn 5.00% up to a $1,000,000 balance. There are no minimums and no withdrawal limitations. Plus, their Step Account is FDIC-insured so you can rest easy knowing that their money is safe.


Help them save automatically

Enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing your child is automatically saving spare change from their purchases and earn 5.00% on every dollar. Trust us -- a little change goes a long way with one of the best savings rates in the country!³


Keep their eye on the prize

College? New car? Playstation? Your child can create goals for all of their wants and needs. Use your Step app to track and celebrate their progress with them.


Supercharge their savings

Help your child develop savings habits that will last a lifetime.