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Step makes it easy to check “raise financially-smart kids” off your to-do list. It’s easy-to-use and integrates seamlessly into your daily life.

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Have more than one (grand)kid? Set them all up with Step Accounts -- even those without a phone. Add your partner or another trusted adult to help manage your family’s account. Life’s a little easier when everyone is on Step.


Stay in-the-know

Everything you need is right at your fingertips. Use your Step App to check your child’s account balance, track what they spend and where, monitor their savings, and freeze their card if it gets lost.


Support them as they grow

Step is designed to grow with your child and be their card for life. When they are new to money, you can be hands-on. When they get a job, they can set up direct deposit. And when they turn 18, they can unlock new features for adulthood, like credit reporting.

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