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Rake in cash and crypto1 rewards2 when you use your Step Visa Card to purchase things you love and earn cash when you refer friends Whats better than that

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Get more from the brands you love

Turn on offers and swipe your Step Visa Card at qualifying merchants your goto coffee shops clothing stores streaming services and more Rewards hit your account within seconds not a month later Its as simple as that See termshttpsstepcompoliciesrewardsterms


Choose cashback n or crypto

Register for a crypto account through Step and choose whether you want to get rewards in cashback or bitcoin You can sell or hold the crypto you earn right from your Step App


Refer friends andn get paid

When a friend joins Step using your referral link well drop cash into both of your accounts The more the merrier theres no limit on how big your Step community can be See termshttpsstepcompoliciespdfaccountagreement

  • Step is a financial technology company not a bank Banking services provided by Evolve Bank Trust Member FDIC The Step Visa Card is issued by Evolve Bank Trust pursuant to a license from Visa USA Inc Visa is a registered trademark of Visa International Service Association
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  2. The Referral awards and the Cash and Crypto Rewards programs are not offered by Evolve Bank Trust and are instead offered and managed by Step

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