20 Summer staycation ideas that won't break the bank

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Summer is finally here, and it's the perfect time for a staycation filled with adventure, creativity, and relaxation! Whether you're chilling solo, hanging with friends, or spending time with family, we've rounded up 20 awesome staycation ideas that are perfect for enjoying the sun and having a blast right in your own backyard. ☀️

1. Backyard camping

Set up tents, stoke a fire, and stargaze. No need to travel far — camping in your backyard (or the living room, if the weather doesn’t cooperate) brings all the fun without the driving distance. 🏕️

2. Themed dinner party

Host a themed dinner party with friends! Whether it's a sushi night, Italian feast, or a vegan spread, dress up, decorate your space and enjoy a night in with delicious bites and great company. 🍝

3. Picnic in the park

Pack homemade sandwiches and snacks for a day outdoors with friends. Bring a portable speaker for some good vibes and don’t forget the ice cream! 🍦 Enjoy a relaxing day with great company.

4. Local show

Check out your area’s Instagram pages or Sofar Sounds to discover local (and affordable) artists or comedians, right in your neighborhood! 🎤 It's a great way to enjoy live entertainment without spending a lot.

5. Nearby hiking

Grab your SPF, a water bottle, and explore nearby trails or nature reserves for a day of hiking and wildlife spotting. Snap Insta-worthy pictures and soak in the great outdoors!

6. Outdoor movie night

Project your favorite flick on a giant projector screen or a blank wall outside. Check out local marketplaces for second-hand projectors! Don’t forget the popcorn and cozy blankets. 🍿

7. Cooking challenge

Host a cook-off with friends to see who can whip up the tastiest dish! You'll enjoy your very own food tour at home and maybe even pick up some new skills in the process. 🥾

8. Day trip to nearby city

Explore a nearby city (or town, depending on where you live) that you've been wanting to visit. Check out new cafes, shops, and cultural spots— you may just discover your new favorite destination. 🌉

9. Sports showdown

Organize a sports tournament – think soccer, basketball, pickle ball, or even an obstacle course to get everyone’s competitive spirits high. Bonus points if you provide prizes! 🥇

10. Local attractions

Hit up local attractions like the amusement park or a museum. Many offer a free or discounted day pass with local drivers licenses or student IDs! Plan ahead to save some cash. 🎢

11. Volunteer together

Spend a day volunteering for a local charity or community project. There’s no better feeling than giving back to a cause you care about! 💖

12. Gardening project

Start a small garden or beautify your yard with new plants and flowers. Grow your own herbs or veggies. How rewarding would it be to eat something you've grown yourself? 🌱

13. Bikes and bites tour

Take a bike ride around your town and pay a visit to your favorite local restaurants. Make a food tour out of your afternoon by sharing light bites at each destination. 🚲

14. DIY spa day

Pamper yourself with homemade facials and manicures. Put on some relaxing music, light candles, and queue up your comfort TV shows. You just might put your local spa to shame! 💅🏼

15. Photography adventure

Grab a camera (challenge yourself to not use your phone) and go on a local photography expedition. When you're done, head to your local drug store to develop the film. 📸

16. Book club

Start a book club on a topic or theme you've wanted to learn more about. Bring themed snacks or drinks according to the book and when you meet, have each member share their favorite takeaway! 📚

17. Art workshop

Unleash your creativity with an at-home art workshop. Experiment with painting or sculpting. Air dry clay is having its moment online; find inspiration by heading to Pinterest or TikTok! 🎨

18. Board game marathon

Host an epic game day with your favorite board games, and invite your squad for some friendly competition. Up the ante by setting up a game tournament, complete with a leaderboard, and compete for prizes. 🧩

19. Local beach or lake day

Spend a day swimming and relaxing by the water. Bring along some fun floats, pack your favorite snacks, and don’t forget a beach blanket. Don’t live by a beach or lake? Create your own in your backyard with an inflatable pool and comfy lounge chairs! 🏝️

20. Home improvement project

Spruce up your living space with a DIY home improvement project. Redecorate, paint walls, or refinish (or build) a custom furniture piece! DIY'ing a project is a great way to breathe new life into your space. ⚒️

These ideas are designed to be budget-friendly without compromising fun during the summer months. Adjust them as needed for family fun, or a group hang with friends! While these staycation ideas may not involve jetting off to new places, they offer fantastic opportunities for adventure and enjoyment right where you are, without breaking the bank.

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