Step Rewards Program Terms and Conditions

These Step Rewards Terms and Conditions (“Rewards Terms”) are entered into by and between you and Step and governs your participation in the Step rewards program and any related promotion, product or services we may offer you (“Rewards Program”). Through our Step App and as part of our Rewards Program, we may provide you with the opportunity to earn benefits or rewards, in the form of cash, cryptocurrency, stock, or any other form of rewards at our discretion (“Rewards”). By accessing or participating in the Rewards Program using your Step Card to make qualifying purchases or taking any action for which you are eligible to earn Rewards, you agree to be bound by these Rewards Terms. Please carefully read these Rewards Terms. The Rewards Program and related services are deemed to be a Step “Service”, as that term is defined in our Terms of Service. While you may earn Rewards under these Rewards Terms by use of your Step Card, our Rewards Program and the Rewards are not part of the account and card agreement governing your Step Card issued by our Banking Partner. Banking Partner is not a party to, nor has any liability to you under these Rewards Terms. The Services provided hereunder by us are independent of the services Banking Partner provides you in relation to your Step Account and Step Card under the account and card agreement you have with Banking Partner.

If we provide you with the opportunity to earn Rewards when using your Step Card to make qualifying purchases, we will provide you with information and terms about the Rewards to allow you to choose a type of Reward. You may enroll in one or more Rewards by accessing the “Rewards” tab within your Step App and selecting the Rewards you are interested in. At our discretion, we may limit enrollment including the number or the types of Rewards available for enrollment at any given time or the total amount of Rewards you may be able to accrue in a given time period. In order to enroll in any Rewards Program and receive any form of Rewards, you must have an active Step Account that is in good standing and you should have valid credentials and be able to log in your Step App. Rewards earned under our Rewards Program will be deposited within seven (7) days after a qualifying purchase or condition (as disclosed within your Step App while you enroll in each Reward) is finalized.

If you choose to receive Rewards in the form of cash, you can redeem earned Rewards for cash through an electronic deposit to your linked Step Account. Redeemed cash Rewards will be deposited into your linked Step Account within seven (7) days.

If you choose to receive a cryptocurrency or stock Rewards, a value of cryptocurrency or stock commensurate to the cash amount you would have been eligible for will be purchased from a corresponding program partner. You will need to register for an investment account with our applicable program partners through the Step App or through the program partners directly (the “Cryptocurrency Account” or the “Stock Account”) and agree to such program partners’ account agreements, privacy policy, and terms and conditions (as may be required by the program partner) and any additional “platform” agreements (e.g., a Step Cryptocurrency Platform Agreement) we may add to our Terms for operating as the platform that enables your interaction with our program partners. Your Cryptocurrency and/or Stock Accounts will be accessible to you through the Step App, under the Investments tab. You will need to be logged into the Step App to be able to access the Investments tab. By registering your Cryptocurrency and/or Stock Account with our respective program partners, you will be able to purchase, hold or sell cryptocurrency or stock Rewards in exchange for the cash equivalent of such Rewards through the Step App. You acknowledge that the value of the cryptocurrency or stock asset may change in value (up or down) based on market conditions and that we are not responsible for any change in value of the assets once it is deposited into your Cryptocurrency Account. You can view the list and balance value of assets you own in your Cryptocurrency Account or Stock Account directly within the Step App. We will use the latest pricing details provided by our respective program partners to display the equivalent currency values of your investment asset balances.

If you fail to successfully open and register a Cryptocurrency Account or Stock account with the program partners or are otherwise restricted or suspended out of such accounts for any reason, we will deposit an equivalent cash amount of the Rewards to your linked Step Account.

You will not earn Rewards for any purchases that you return, cancel, dispute, or for purchases that you received a refund from a merchant or as a result of a chargeback. Rewards that were already credited to your Cryptocurrency/Zero Hash Account/Step Account may be reduced, reversed, forfeited, in whole or in part, if qualifying purchase is returned or canceled (“Reward Reversal”). Regardless of whether you earn your Reward in cash or in another form (e.g., stock, cryptocurrency), if there is a Reward Reversal, you acknowledge, consent and agree that we will have the right to instruct a return of an amount equivalent to an original cash value of the Reward at the time you earned the Reward from your linked Step Account. To the extent that a Reward Reversal results in a negative balance in your linked Step Account, it is your responsibility to restore the balance in your Step Account to at least $0.00 in a timely manner. Failure to do so may result in a Delinquent Status on your Step Account.

Availability and the number of Rewards we offer for enrollment are subject to change at any time in our sole discretion.

We (or the cryptocurrency or stock program partner) may withdraw or terminate your use of Reward, or refuse to provide any Reward, if we suspect that there is fraud, a breach of the Agreement, a violation of applicable law, or other misuse of Rewards, for any reason set forth in the Agreement, and for any reason in our reasonable discretion, in accordance with applicable law. Further, our program partner may have the right to suspend or terminate, suspend, or freeze your respective Cryptocurrency Account or Stock Account if they suspect there is a fraud, a breach of the user agreement you enter into with the respective program partner, a violation of applicable law, or any reason set forth in such program partner user agreements. If we terminate your Reward (or a program partner terminates your Reward) for these reasons, you will forfeit all rights to such Reward.

Rewards are not transferable.