Step wins two Finder Innovation Awards, a personal finance comparison site, has revealed the winners of the 2024 Finder Innovation Awards across multiple banking categories. The awards identify the most innovative providers that are pushing the boundaries to provide better value for their customers. We’re pleased to announce that Step scooped two trophies for its creative innovations in banking.


Step was recognized for credit building and its inclusive card

Step, a financial technology company, won two Finder Innovation Awards for 2024 including Credit Building.

Founded by industry experts CJ MacDonald and Alexey Kalinichenko, Step offers online banking with a heavy focus on credit building and financial literacy.

Finder’s Innovation Award judges recognized Step for its inclusive, free credit-building card that’s open to all ages, its high savings rewards incentive, and its optional investing platform.

Unlike traditional credit cards that can easily build debt and charge excessive interest, Step’s secured card only lets you spend what you have in your Step deposit account and there’s no APR. Also available to all ages, once a teen Step user turns 18, they can opt into credit reporting and get two years of retroactive payments added to their credit reports at no cost.

Step’s card also offers up to 5% in savings rewards with direct deposit of at least $500 each month, time-sensitive cashback offers, referral bonuses, early direct deposits, and saving round-ups to stack up savings even faster.

The Step Black card takes it up a notch. You’ll earn 8% in cashback rewards up to $6,000 per year and 1% unlimited cashback. You’ll also get up to $1 million in FDIC insurance coverage, and Visa Signature perks like access to exclusive events and the Concierge 24/7 service.

How Finder chose the winning brands

Finder’s subject-matter experts created a shortlist of providers who they felt displayed key innovations in their field. The shortlist was then passed to an expert judging panel, who decided on the winning and highly commended companies by assessing the finalists across three criteria: uniqueness of innovation, impact in the market, and value to customers.

Credit Building Innovation judges:

  • Alexa Serrano Cruz, senior banking editor at Finder

  • Laura Adams, money expert and spokesperson at Finder

  • Judith Fox, Clinical Professor Emerita of Law at The University of Notre Dame

  • Anna Serio, writer, editor and former Certified Commercial Loan Officer (CCLO)

Kids Banking Innovation judges:

  • Alexa Serrano Cruz, senior banking editor at Finder

  • Laura Adams, money expert and spokesperson at Finder

  • Tony Steuer, internationally recognized financial wellness advocate, award-winning author, top-ranked podcaster and speaker

  • True Tamplin, best-selling author, public speaker, CEO of UpDigital, and founder of Finance Strategists

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