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a financial
head start

Parents everywhere trust Step to help their kids become financially responsible. With the Step Visa Card and app, teens can earn 5.00% on their savings¹, build a positive credit history², and develop healthy money habits.

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5.00% on their savings

Unlike many traditional savings accounts, there are no monthly fees, no minimums, and no limits on when they can access their money. Must have a monthly qualifying direct deposit¹.

A card that builds credit history

Step is the only card that allows your teen to build a positive credit history² before they turn 18, without the risk of spending more money than they have or missing a payment.

Reward them for smart spending

Teach your kids that it pays to be financially responsible by setting them up with the card that rewards⁴ them for doing what they love --eating, streaming, gaming, and more.

Fast and safe payments

Skip the trips to the ATM and quickly send money – for emergencies, field trips, or just because. Automate allowances and decide how often you’d like them to get paid.

Investment tools for teens

Introduce your teen to the power of investing⁵ in a safe and controlled learning environment. With your permission, they can invest in stocks⁶ for just $1.

One app for the whole family

Add up to 4 family members to your Step Account, including your partner or another adult. Easily track all of your kids’ spending, saving, and investing activity from your app.

Safety and security features

Enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing Step makes it possible to block merchants, freeze Step Visa Cards, control international transactions, and monitor spend.

We know what you’re wondering

What does Step cost?

A Step Visa Card and deposit account doesn’t charge sign up or subscription fees! There are no hidden fees, no monthly fees, no in-network ATM fees, and no overdraft fees .

What about overdrafting?

Your child’s Step Account prevents them from spending more than what they have in their spending account so they aren’t at risk of paying pesky overdraft fees.

Does Step check my credit?

No! We ask for your SSN when you first open an account because federal regulations require us to verify your identity, but we don’t do any inquires against your credit.

Is Step secure?

Yes! Step has the same security features as any other major financial institution. All transactions are protected by Visa’s Zero Liability Protection.

84% of people
18-19 years old have
no credit history8
84% of people
18-19 years old have
no credit history8

With Step, your child won't be one of them.

With Step, your child won't be one of them.


"It helped drastically"

"I didn’t have a score before it but when I chose to opt in to credit reporting it helped drastically. It brought me from no established score to 735 in one night... My grandmother got it for me so she could pay for helping do chores and if me and my siblings decided to go anywhere."

John C., 18 years old


How Credit works with Step

  1. Your child can use their Step Visa Card to make purchases up to the amount that is in their spending account. They can’t overdraft.

  2. With Smart Pay, their purchases are automatically paid off every month using the funds in their deposit account.

  3. When they turn 18, they can opt in for Step to report their positive credit history to the major credit bureaus.


Will Smith
Co-Founder at Dreamers VC

Investor Spotlight

“It was hard to find a banking platform that was intuitive and met our needs as a family. We’ve reinvested in Step because not only are their products built specifically for teens but they’ve started an important conversation around financial literacy that kids are actually engaged in.”

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