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Step offers a free bank account and Visa Card designed for the next generation. Level up your personal finance and get $1 when you sign up.

  • no feesNo monthly or hidden fees
  • Send and Receive MoneyInstantly send and receive money
  • Get your own Visa CardTake it anywhere with Apple Pay or Google Pay
  • build creditBuild positive credit
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Get ahead with Step

Join more than 3 million people already on Step and jumpstart your financial journey.

Pay friends and send money. Never worry about secret fees. Bring your Step Visa Card anywhere with Apple Pay and Google Pay. Build a positive credit history.

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Earn with Step

Earn rewards through our referral program. Share your unique link or code with friends and earn $1 for each person that joins.

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The Step Visa Card

A new type of personalized Visa card that has no fees or interest. Step keeps your spending safe and secure while building positive credit.

The Step Card

Adding money to your account is easy

Link your Step Account with other apps, debit cards and bank accounts to make sure you always have enough funds. You can set up a direct deposit for your paycheck and have your parents send you money instantly or set up an allowance.

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Why financial literacy is important

It isn’t easy learning how to be good at money. Schools don’t teach you and families don’t always talk about finances. Traditional banks make it even harder to get ahead by charging fees for standard services like checking accounts, ATMs and even spending cards.


Get your Step Visa Card

  1. Download

    Download the Step App and create your account. You'll get $1 when you sign up.

  2. Unlock your card

    If you’re under 18, ask an adult to download the app and create their own account.

  3. Add money

    Once your account is sponsored or verified, link a debit card or external bank account.