Spend with confidence

You can spend securely and confidently in-store or online with your Step Visa Card. Add money to your account and start spending anywhere Visa is accepted. And best of all, it has no fees.

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Get your Step Card

  1. Get the app

    Download the Step App and create your account. In the app menu, type referral code BUGHA.

  2. Signup

    Pick your favorite color and customize your Step Card.

  3. Unlock your card

    If you’re under 18, ask an adult to download the app and create their own account.

Earn with Step

Earn unlimited rewards through our referral program. Share your unique link with friends and family and earn a $5 for each person that signs up. Join the Step Squad to earn double the rewards!

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Instantly send and receive money

Need to pay back a friend or split lunch? Send and receive money from your friends or family members directly in the Step App.

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Adding money to your account is easy

Link your Step Account with other apps, debit cards and bank accounts to make sure you always have enough funds. You can set up a direct deposit for your paycheck and have your parents send you money instantly or set up an allowance.

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Say goodbye to cash

Shop anywhere Visa is accepted, even online. Use your Step Card with Apple Pay or Google Pay to quickly and securely pay without touching the screen or keypad.

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Build positive credit

The Step Visa Card lets you securely spend with the benefit of building positive credit towards your financial future.

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